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  • There are no others like you that you know of. Other citizens of the world operate solely as regular human beings. No one else aside from special individuals have the level of skill or magic you have access to unless they are unique.
  • Your ability to transform allows you to channel your energy into a focus point. Transforming causes an appearance change and various boosts.
  • You gain 25% increased AC until your transformation ends.
  • For the first minute of battle (6 turns) you gain a +3 bonus to hit, double damage, and none of your spells count towards spell slots.
  • Each round lasts 10s.
  • The bonus resets every three minutes (18 turns) you are in battle.
  • You can only transform twice a day.
  • You can cast spells and use abilities at a normal rate without transforming.
  • It is suggested you save your transformation for dire circumstances.

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