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Map Matrix from
*This map is of the current known world and more will be added if various storylines call for it.

     This world is called "Aperbor". It is set in a high fantasy sci-fi world where magic and science work in tandem. Most if not all technology is powered by forms of magic. Phones for example are elaborate palm-sized runestones. Alternate forms of power are found in harnessing solar energy inland and on the coasts hydropower is more frequent. All of the architecture is informed by each region's individual histories and culture, but as time has passed aesthetics have evolved into bold geometric white and pastel cityscapes (real world example: Ecoprism Tower, The Centre Pompidou-Metz, Sonnenhof). Green walls have been taken next level, and it's highly common to find magically enhanced soft green grass as carpet in elven homes. Incorporating plants into the city architecture itself has become commonplace.

     The main capital is Ephe where the government stations itself on the main continent. The landmasses are broken into large continental spaces and expansive reaches of islands. As such, boat travel is still highly popular - especially between these islands. Aperbor is ruled by a Triumvirate, consisting of three elected powers from each recognized point of the globe. These points are North, East, and West. The South (Tiirtha) is forbidden to take part in ritual and government procedures.

     As soon as the power is elected, the status of three Regins are split among them. One of the powers will become the Regin of Religion & Ether, the other will be the Regin of Science & Economics, and the last will be the Regin of People & Law. Each Regin is responsible for everything in their department. A new set of Regins are elected once every ten years, and they may only run twice.

     In the center of every city there is a Temple Citadel where all of the city congregates if ever there is an announcement or ritual ceremony. Each city's Citadel is designed differently, as they were affected by the architecture of their own culture. Each one has its own story and legend. None of them are alike in any way besides linking energy which flows through it to protect the outer city walls.

     Aperbor has two suns, a large one which the planet revolves around and another minute star which was captured by the gravity of the rotating moon and circles it steadily. The moon revolves around the planet at a far enough length where the small star has little effect on the planet aside from the Nico Desert. Whenever the moon eclipses both suns it is called Alignment. This happens once every few thousand years. The smaller star-sun is scheduled to supernovae soon.

     Aperboran currency is a coin called a Khnet. The plural term is Khnetti. While some people still trade with coins, digital fund transfers are the most common. The value list of a Khnet goes from least value to highest value. Copper, Silver, Gold and a metal known as Raangi. Raangi is the rarest of all metals, and most precious. Stronger than steel but more than a million times rarer, it is lightweight and durable. Very flexible and easy to manipulate. Armor/jewelry of it is coveted. 100 of each coin is worth 1 of the next ascending.

     There are common national languages spoken in Aperbor. Magiis, and Lithtos (the common language of Tiirtha). Other races have their own languages as well.

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The North-arctic seas.

The Northern seas.

The Southern seas.

The most Northern inhabited point.

The Northern Mountains.

Dense forests and pasturelands of the continent's middle.

Large Southernly desert which covers two-quarters of the continent.

The mainland continent of Aperbor.

The main city where technologically over-run people swarm to it each and every day. The fabled University specializes in the teachings of all arts, sciences and magics. Citadels and buildings stand tall and reach high towards the sky to illustrate the Epheians' fascination with the heavens. This city is far north, and is always frosty where-ever you go. This is the most recent and young of the cities since it was built only two-hundred years ago.

An almost lost city in the Nico Desert far south of Ephe. It is known as the city of Glass and Steel. Legend has that once during an Alignment, the combined heat of the two suns after the moon began to move away struck miles of sand and melted it, creating smooth glass. The desert people came out during the eclipse to worship the miracle, and began to work the melted sand quickly. Steel was brought and a Ianya was born, a glass city deep within a canyon of sand. They built a glass ceiling over the canyonand dug deep into the ground to create elaborate tunnel systems to whisk cool air in and out. Small springs were found at the depths they dug, and the Ianyans began to live out their peaceful life as the sand swept over the glass ceiling, hiding them from the outside world. Rarely do they wander out from their territories, and when they do they bring beautifully woven cloths spun from the wool of the Nico Sheep they tend to.

The great city in the mountains. Carved from the cliffs, their temples are known far and wide. Religious believers gather there frequently to drift deep within the winding caverns. It is common to find the skeletons of pilgrims who go to pass. It is a mining community which supplies most of the outside world with its jewels and ores. Ancient drawings are carved on each wall, runes and symbols twisting their way across the city to join at the foot of the largest mountain-carved structure in the city. The 'Spire' is the oldest known, and tallest, man-made manifestation in the world above ground. It is crumbled and in a deteriorated state. Rarely do the Pergai venture into the death-trap. When they do it is once a year, to pay homage to the great architects which carved their city.

Syrdis is an island nation within the warm Southern seas of the Routean Ocean. There live the best dancers and renegades, some pirates and some peaceful folk. Spices and celebration fill their life, as they worship the ever-dancing flame. Tall beauteous mountains rise up from the sea to surround the viral life of the island. Beneath the floating boats in the sidewalks of Syrdis, you can see flashes of colourful fish and bountiful reefs of coral. At night small fire-fly filled glass balls are left to float in the canals, the rainbow of colours lighting the way for any night-time passersby. Simple buildings rise up around the waterways and glow with precious baubles pressed deep into their stones. Silks flap in the balmy wind as exotic animals call from palm tree to palm tree. Fresh waterfalls seem to cascade eternally down the lush peaks, and legends echo from every corner of the island. Sardans are known for their crafty behaviour and cunning intellect, although assumed to be backwater of the globe.

The underwater city which revolves around magic and spells. Shielded in a giant filmy bubble, the city is hidden in the depths of the Teth. The city glows of the combined powers of natural phosphorus and spells. Above the city a giant golden honeycomb ball glows steadily with a faded light. Ribbons of water fall down through controlled holes in the film, and down into shallow rivers which curve and form protective runes around the city. Glowing bubbles float around the city to light the way for walking residents or the working Diceans. Clinging to old ways they pass each spell and chant down from person to person, and will until the last one dies.

A vast empire built deep in the bowels of the earth. They hold the deepest and darkest secrets of all the world, as well as the oldest magicks. No-one has ventured into the caverns for thousands of years. It is the oldest known city to have existed, and as a result of the hateful prejudices, it will die without anyone ever knowing the true secrets of this world and its gods. Tiirthans are scorned for reasons that the world had long forgotten.

A tidal island located off the coast of the Zed Peninsula A place where the more eccentric merchants sell their wares. The base of the Oasis.

An island only a few miles in diameter, all of it jungle. Various monkey species reside there. Around the island is a coral reef, and around that is a sandbar, making a perfect circle. A hidden rum vault is directly underground in the middle.

Home of the wealthiest in the island nations. Galas are held nightly, and fencing is enjoyed during the day. Though everyone claims to have indisputable integrity, rumours lead to believe otherwise.

Mockingly named by the pirates after a legendary city in the underworld. The height of the Black Market can be found here, and it's host to numerous bars and brothels. Most noted for the massive dragon skull shaped peak (which many suspect was formed through excessive use of magical explosives).

A collection of over 500 islands so close together they use the water as streets. Roses bloom year-round, and herons enjoy the abundant fish. Upon the largest of the islands there is a tall porcelain tower which holds the royal family.

Tropical Island shaped like an irregular butterfly. Locals live in treehouses as the entire island floods once a year. They are famous for their monarch butterflies, coffee and cacao beans. They love setting off fireworks every day.

The entire island is inside a massive crater, the walls surrounding creating a white cliff. You can only enter through the elaborately carved gate in the stone (which is patrolled twenty-four hours a day). Inside it is a huge emerald valley blanketed in apple orchards. The most famous dairies and bakeries were founded here before franchising to the main land. The simple community resides in a seemingly idyllic countryside, with a penchant for delicate teas and lovesongs.

It's not really a lighthouse per say. The entire island was a volcano which erupted so violently it became a massive black peak jutting out of the water. Despite the still-active volcano, monks have carved homes into the cliffs.

A supposedly uninhabited island, it looks like a great cave which has had the top cut cleanly off to reveal a lagoon and expanse of foliage inside. You can only get in through the large, low and flat recesses in the outside walls. From above the enormous hole forms an irregular star. Populated solely by dragons which guard their gold constantly, and other mythical beasts. A rare place to dock.

Twin islands with great golden palaces featuring intricate geometric nature-influenced imagery. Mati is famous for its hanging gardens and menageries. Kadum is famous for its steppe pyramids and labyrinth. A ferry goes back and forth between the two every few hours. Locals are extremely hospitable and make their living by refining the greatest essential oils in the world. Vaporizing the oils to inhale is a common daily occurrence.

A large majestic island blanketed by snow year-round. Some hypothesize it's not really an island at all, just an iceberg which was snagged on a reef. Why it doesn't melt (if it is an iceberg), is a mystery. Residents use the snow and ice to make the finest cold treats, which generates large amounts of tourism.

An islet which is all docks, and has two massive whirlpools on either side of it. Barely ten miles in diameter, the land that is there is uninhabited and flat. If sailors venture toward the gigantic statue in the middle, they'll find a massive underground technology-advanced city of Bhala, where locals reside. The whirlpools are actually holes in the cavern which carry the seawater crashing down on either side of the city (where they have various nets set up). The entrance is directly above as an enchanted glass elevator that floats up and down, descending from a ceiling covered in flowers, hanging plants, and vines. Some suspect Agartha has some connection to Tiirtha, but it is as yet unproved.

True explorers are always on a quest to find this place. It is never in the same place twice, and no-one has ever seen beyond the mist shrouding it.

The Kingdom is a generic name for mystical places above the terra Aperbor. Annwn rests upon a floating disc which uses a magnetic levitation to move above Aperbor. It's said to always be wrapped in clouds, but when they part there are supposedly grand temples and citadels. Phaeta is a planet which orbits near Aperbor, even closer than the moon. It only appears above Aperbor once every year. Phaeta has never been explored.

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The Aperbor lunar calendar has 365 days, 12 months, and 36 weeks. There are 10 days to a week, and 3 weeks to a month. Weeks are determined by the waxing and waning of the moon. The first week is the Waxing, the second week is the Rounding, the third is the Waning.

First of Zebuven: Beginning of Next End
Sixth of Zebuven: Triumvirate Day
Celebration of the Ruling Triumvirates.

Second of Isacven: Day of Year's Predictions
Celebration of Region's Fortunes.
Twelfth of Isacven: Start of Festival of the Adored
Celebration of Truest Affection.
Fourteenth of Isacven: End of Festival of the Adored
Twenty-Fourth of Isacven: Carnivale of Lights
Celebration of the Playfully Sinful.

Seventeenth of Simek: Start of Emerald Passing
Celebration to keep away Bad Omens.
Twentieth of Simek: End of Emerald Passing

First of Naphtas: Masquerade of the Laughing Jester
Celebration of Humour and Pranks.
Twelfth of Naphtas: Dawn of Generations Coming
Celebration of Birth and Renewal.
Twenty-Second of Naphtas: Aperbor Day

First of Ashla: Festival of Joy
Celebration of Flowers.
Tenth of Ashla: Faire of Maternal Celebration

Twenty-First of Gadrun: Faire of Paternal Celebration
Twenty-Eighth of Gadrun: Supper of Kind Recognition
Celebration of Acquaintances and Dear Friends.

Fourth of Judan: Festival of Binding
Celebration of all those who are partnered in love.
Fifteenth of Judan: Solstice of the Unending Day
Nineteenth of Judan: Eve of the Gentle
Celebration of those who Give

Third of Reubent: Festival of the Fire Spirits
Fifth of Reubent: Day of the Cornucopia
Celebration of Good Food.
Twenty-Second of Reubent: Eve of the Strong
Celebration of those who Protect

Ninth of Josion: Festival of the Water Spirits
Twenty-First of Josion: Start of Celebration of Victory
Celebration of Competition and Diplomacy.
Twenty-Eighth of Josion: End of Celebration of Victory

Eleventh of Leion: Start of Sacred Elders Past
Celebration of the Thinning Veil of the Hereafter.
Seventeenth of Leion: Festival of the Air Spirits
Thirty-First of Leion: End of Sacred Elders Past

Twelfth of Beion: Start of Celebration of Grace
Celebration of Graciousness to All.
Sixteenth of Beion: Solstice of Unending Night
Twenty-Sixth of Beion: End of Celebration of Grace

Third of Chion: Festival of the Earth Spirits
Eighth of Chion: Day of Tranquil Enlightenment
Celebration of Universal Reflection.
Eleventh of Chion: Start of Celebration of Benevolence Valu Strea
Celebration of Giving and Good-Will.
Twenty-Sixth of Chion: End of the Celebration of Benevolence

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