Deck Disaster!!! Episode 05

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Deck Disaster!!! Episode 05

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Deck Disaster!!! Episode 05

     A choreographer stands in front of Morthos and Abel, watching them appraisingly as they practice the moves he's just run them through. The room is surrounded by mirrors with a polished bamboo floor. The air is kept cool, but with the rigorous rehearsal you can feel yourself perspiring. Parees waits nearby watching intently, legs crossed as she leans forward with her hands folded. This is one of the moments where she's so focused it could be scary, the total opposite of when she flies apart during a Cardsta attack - but then, who could blame her?

     The night Abel moved in proved to be very taxing on her, unable to even make it home in a taxi she crawled onto the expansive couch and fell asleep. When the two of you woke up in the morning you found a Four of Clubs (Morthos - +1 Medicine) and a Four of Diamonds (Abel - -1 Intelligence) beneath your pillows - but they vanished the moment you laid eyes on them (they're now in your inventories to use as you will).

     Since then it's been practicing, photographs, and PR as Parees negotiated the perfect reveal for Abel. She's intent on maximizing his appeal and personality to the fullest extent. It would be excellent, if it wasn't for the fact that Cardsta's don't wait for breaks to attack. During this time Abel and Morthos defeated a massive Cardsta on their own - but only just barely (Morthos 5♣ - +5 Dexterity, Abel 5♦ -3 Deception, Torryl found 5♠ - +1 Stealth under their pillow). While nothing was seriously injured, the strain on your bodies was palpable. Even now at rehearsal you can feel yourself pushing your bodies to the limit, but the promise of Abel's concert reveal looms and everything needs to be perfect.

     Torryl, whether for providence or coincidence you are at the exact same gym working out. You haven't been fighting other Cardsta's, but your newfound power both scares and inspires you. You've been practicing night and day with your abilities, and taking extra pains to build strength and stamina. Eating right, sleeping right, you've been taking great pains to ensure that you're pushing your body to the top of its game. Lately you've been feeling more invigorated and inspired at work. Looking at the magical Spade tattoo on your forearm has recently started to fill you with confidence in your everyday, but each day is still a trial.

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