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Deck Disaster!!! Episode 04

Post#1 » Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:07 am

Hinahina - Today at 3:01 PM
Torryl, you find yourself on a street filled with vendors which is bustling and moving around with excitement as winter has finally started to approach. Food stands beckon you over and children run through the crowds, totally in their own worlds. It's a little chilly, but not unpleasantly so, as your face is heated by the stalls and enchanted lanterns hung around the market.
((can you tell me a little bit about your character, what they look like, what they're doing, their motivations))
khaileid - Today at 3:05 PM
((uh torryl is a tall half elf and is generally delinquent but is sneaky about it. other than that im still figuring it out im not good making up full characters before playing yet))
Hinahina - Today at 3:06 PM
((that's all I need no worries lol))
khaileid - Today at 3:06 PM
Hinahina - Today at 3:07 PM
As you stand in the market, debating what to eat, you notice a tall graceful man in all grey and blues going into the largest building you've ever seen. For some reason, you watch him climb the short staircase, and he turns, as though he senses someone looking at him. He doesn't seem to look in your direction though, and he turns and continues through the doors.
You turn your attention back to the night market.
((that's just to sort of weave it into the main story, what do you do now? are you shopping, looking for something? meeting someone?))
khaileid - Today at 3:10 PM
((what kind of stalls are there? is it just food or other stuff))
Hinahina - Today at 3:10 PM
((there's merchandise, plushies, some games))
((mostly handmade goods))
khaileid - Today at 3:12 PM
Hinahina - Today at 3:12 PM
((yup definitely))
khaileid - Today at 3:14 PM
Torryl strolls by a stall with baked goods and sees custard pastries. She eyes them for a while and then turns to the shop vendor. "Those look good! How much are you selling them for?"
Hinahina - Today at 3:15 PM
The vendor looks at you excitedly and claps their hands, "My dear! My dear! For the finest pastries in the whole Floating City only ten bits each!"
((let's call the digital/magical currency here bits lol))
khaileid - Today at 3:16 PM
Hinahina - Today at 3:17 PM
The custard pies shine at you, their perfectly creamy tops looking almost golden in the lamplight.
khaileid - Today at 3:17 PM
((its more modern than old timey right?))
Hinahina - Today at 3:18 PM
((yeah it is, though old timey things have a magical or modernish flair))
((but yeah definitely more modern))
((like we have elevators lol))
khaileid - Today at 3:20 PM
Torryl checked her pockets. Only 15 bits. She needed her change for fare to go home. ((im assuming theres bus or uber lol)) "Ten bits? isn't that a bit too much? For a pastry?" ((no pun intended lol)) Torryl felt guilt in trying to haggle a pastry out of a noble vendor but she was hungry))
((shit didi not mean to double bracket))
Hinahina - Today at 3:21 PM
The vendor wrings their hands in mock dismay and then offers a smile. "I see you are clever about your money! Perhaps five bits?"
khaileid - Today at 3:23 PM
"Five?" Torryl looks closer at the goods. "One of them look a bit mishapen. Are you still gunna sell it looking like that? For the finest pastries they sure look.... not so fine."
((lmao can i do a roll to see if i can maybe get one for free?))
Hinahina - Today at 3:24 PM
((yeah I was abt to have you do a persuasion check lol))
((go ahead n do that for me <3333))
khaileid - Today at 3:27 PM
((5 plus 1 lmaoooooooooooo)
Hinahina - Today at 3:27 PM
((wow a critical fail lol))
khaileid - Today at 3:28 PM
(( lmao should have done computer dice cant trust my hands))
Hinahina - Today at 3:28 PM
Before the vendor can answer someone knocks into you from behind and you hit your head on the vendor's stall. Dazed, you turn around and walk away without even getting your reply.
((sorry XD you took no damage btw))

khaileid - Today at 3:29 PM
((can i see who it is so i can yell at them))
Hinahina - Today at 3:29 PM
((you're dazed so i doubt it XD))
khaileid - Today at 3:30 PM
Hinahina - Today at 3:31 PM
You wander over to a nearby fountain and sit on a bench. Magic is extra powerful here, and plants creep all over the ground near the fountain, thriving despite the coming winter.
((can you roll a perception check for me))
khaileid - Today at 3:32 PM
((12 plus 3 so 15))
Hinahina - Today at 3:32 PM
The back of your neck pricks as you sense something strange. You can't pinpoint exactly where it's coming from, but you can tell it's coming from a hill on a nearby park. You know that fireworks are going to start soon, and that most people will be viewing them from that hill.
khaileid - Today at 3:34 PM
Torryl goes towards the hill.
Hinahina - Today at 3:36 PM
The energy you're sensing is getting stronger, but you still can't tell exactly who it's coming from. Some people are busking on the hill, playing music for those waiting for the fireworks. You see a few groups of people.
You can definitely tell it's coming from one person.
khaileid - Today at 3:37 PM
((do i see who it is just know its a source))
((single source))
Hinahina - Today at 3:37 PM
((you can roll an arcana check if you like))
((from your previous perception check you can tell it's from one person, but you don't know who it is or what the magic is))
khaileid - Today at 3:38 PM
Torryl scopes out the crowd, curious to know where the strange energy she feels is coming from.
((16+7 so 25? unless my sheet is wrong))
Hinahina - Today at 3:39 PM
((a damn fine roll))
You see energy radiating off of a young person in the crowd. Their eyes are shining as they look up at the stars. They're with a group of people but still seem disconnected as they gaze upwards. You see their mouth move as a shooting star reaches across the sky.
The energy pulses, and they touch their head, as though they suddenly got a headache.
They stumble, and a bright light shines from them. Their friends yell in confusion and back away, completely unaware that their friend is in trouble because their form is totally obscured by the light. When the energy fades, all you see is a massive playing card.
((roll for initiative))
((woops the monster got a 6 lol not great lol dang u d20))
khaileid - Today at 3:45 PM
((17 i guess i got out my bad rolls for that pastry))
(wait plus 3)
"The fuck?" says Torryle
Hinahina - Today at 3:46 PM
((nice lol so you go first and I'm gonna say you have advantage because you saw what was happening before it happened))
((so the order is Torryl and then the card))
khaileid - Today at 3:46 PM
((do the weapons only apply after transformation or nah))
((is it a yugioh card))
Hinahina - Today at 3:47 PM
((Right now you have everything in your basic inventory, no weapons, but you can cast cantrips outside of transformation))
((lolol it's just a playing card from a deck))

khaileid - Today at 3:47 PM
((torryl is just mostly confused atm not enough to attack so you can attack first))
Hinahina - Today at 3:48 PM
((kk lol))
The Cardsta pays you absolutely no mind as it turns towards the night market and makes its way towards it.
People at first look merely confused until it begins to upturn carts to move things out of its way, throwing people to the side.
((your turn))
khaileid - Today at 3:50 PM
Torryl snaps out of her confusion to follow after it. "Hey! What the hell are you doing?" she yells
Hinahina - Today at 3:51 PM
The monster ignores you as it advances into the crowd which is now panicked and screaming.
khaileid - Today at 3:51 PM
((lmao all my spells arent rly for attack does she have a dagger at least? i had the idea of having one of those rainbow tactical knifes))
Hinahina - Today at 3:52 PM
((I think you have a crowbar and a hammer lol))
khaileid - Today at 3:53 PM
(( only have vicious mockery that is one to attack can i just rroast him))
Hinahina - Today at 3:53 PM
((yup lol))

Hinahina - Today at 3:57 PM
((it got a 15 on a wisdom saving throw does that save lol))
khaileid - Today at 3:58 PM
((sorry to ask but its d20 and d4 for damange right?))
(gimme a sec)
Hinahina - Today at 3:59 PM
((well first we gotta see if it succeeded on its saving throw lol))
((you don't have to roll to hit on vicious mockery I just roll to save))
((if i fail then we roll damage))
khaileid - Today at 3:59 PM
(d20 plus what? tryna google real quick i mostly did like martial characters)
Hinahina - Today at 4:00 PM
((the card only got a flat 15 it has no wisdom lol, I think I have to beat your spell modifier which is charisma))
((so you have 17 total charisma, i didn't save lol))
khaileid - Today at 4:01 PM
((well 3 plus 2 in that case lol))
Hinahina - Today at 4:01 PM
((so roll 2d4 for damage done to the monster))
khaileid - Today at 4:01 PM
((oh its not the roll and modifier?))
Hinahina - Today at 4:01 PM
((you don't have to roll to hit me, I only have to roll a d20 for this spell))
((if I fail, then you only have to roll for damage))
((it's a really lowkey spell lol))
((so go ahead and roll 2d4 for damage))
khaileid - Today at 4:02 PM
(4 damage)

Hinahina - Today at 4:02 PM
((no worries lol))
You didn't do much damage, but you definitely got its attention. It is no longer focused on its previous goal and turns towards you.
((yikes it got a 4 to hit that's not gonna do it))
It swings wildly at you and misses by a mile.
((your turn))

khaileid - Today at 4:07 PM
Torryl swings her crowbar at, aiming for it's feet.
((i think i have 12 strength))
Hinahina - Today at 4:08 PM
((go ahead and roll a d20 to hit))
khaileid - Today at 4:08 PM
((14 plus strength right?))
Hinahina - Today at 4:09 PM
((yeah add your attack bonus))
khaileid - Today at 4:10 PM
((15 and 4 for attack
Hinahina - Today at 4:10 PM
((definitely hits good job!))
The crowbar hooks its feet and the Cardsta goes down, it is dazed and prone.
The monster struggles to its feet. ((your turn))
((since it was prone it used its action to stand))

khaileid - Today at 4:12 PM
((what card is it in a deck))
Hinahina - Today at 4:13 PM
((ace of spades))

khaileid - Today at 4:15 PM
Torryl starts slamming her crowbar at the car right in the center where the spade is. ((or tries to get one in at least))
((7 lol))
Hinahina - Today at 4:16 PM
You're hitting it but it's not really doing much so it's basically like you're not hitting it.
((7 won't do it lol))
The monster is definitely focused on you now and reaches for you with a giant hand.
((roll a dex save for me))
khaileid - Today at 4:17 PM
Hinahina - Today at 4:18 PM
You move away like a gust of wind, and the monster ends up knocking its hand into a nearby cart. It roars with pain.
((your turn))

Hinahina - Today at 4:20 PM
((it got a 19 so it saves))
The monster chases you, swinging its hands, missing each time ((it did miss its attack roll tho lolol pretty bad it got a 5)).
((are you leading it away from the crowds back into the park?))
khaileid - Today at 4:22 PM
Hinahina - Today at 4:22 PM
((alright cool, your turn))

khaileid - Today at 4:25 PM
((i dont think i can hit it if im running so ill use the spell roast him again))
Hinahina - Today at 4:26 PM
((it got a nat 20 save but it's still chasing you lol))
((make another dex save for me))

khaileid - Today at 4:43 PM
(16 bc plus 2)
Hinahina - Today at 4:45 PM
((damn ur just dodging everything))
You're running but this still isn't any kind of an issue for you. The Monster on the other hand is slamming into trees and as it attempts to tackle you, ends up flying right into a group of buskers.

khaileid - Today at 4:47 PM
Torrly takes this chance to swing another hit at it
Hinahina - Today at 4:47 PM
It grunts with pain as you hit it.
As it flails around, a microphone from the musicians comes flying away from its body, landing in the grass in front of you.
khaileid - Today at 4:48 PM
(thats a 1 in damage lol)
Hinahina - Today at 4:49 PM
((woops one second pupper needs water))
khaileid - Today at 4:49 PM
Hinahina - Today at 4:49 PM
((i just poured my water bottle in her bowl lol))
The fireworks begin to start up, and as the explosions happen behind you, you feel another surge of energy.
Your heart is pumping, your pulse is going crazy, without thinking you pick up the microphone and whisper words rushing through your heart.
you hear these words echoing ... Earthy .... Rhapsody ... Transform
khaileid - Today at 4:55 PM
"Earhy Raspody Transform!" echoes Torryl
Hinahina - Today at 4:57 PM
As though guided by something truly innate, your body begins to heat up and glow. Backlit by the fireworks, you feel raw power surging through you. Your head and face feels hot, the microphone in your hand does as well. As the light subsides you realize the microphone has transformed into a little rod. With a little shake, the crystal turns into a shortsword.
((The monster is startled by the fireworks and the bright light coming from you, so you have a surprise advantage))

khaileid - Today at 4:59 PM
Torryl instinctively attacks with her new surge of power.
Hinahina - Today at 5:00 PM
((yup that does it))
((roll for damage w your shortsword))
khaileid - Today at 5:01 PM
((i think thats 11 total piercing damage))
Hinahina - Today at 5:02 PM
The Cardsta reels, and your forms are illuminated by the fireworks display atop the hill. No one seems to be paying you any mind as you press your attack, the sounds and image camouflaged by the bright lights and noise.
((let's see if it makes an attacka nd actually hits you lol))
((16 to your 13 AC it actually hits lol))
khaileid - Today at 5:03 PM
Hinahina - Today at 5:03 PM
It reaches both its hands towards you and slams them down.
You take seven points of damage.
((your turn))
khaileid - Today at 5:05 PM
Torryl staggers back from the attack and then charges again, focused on taking the card down
(2 lol)
Hinahina - Today at 5:07 PM
((that's a miss lol))
((btw you have access to all your spells now))
((monster rolled an 8, that's a miss))
It lunges for you once more, clearly flagging, and misses horribly.
((your turn))
khaileid - Today at 5:09 PM
((still dont have much spells that work its mroe for helping people :/)
((can i use my corss bow))
Hinahina - Today at 5:10 PM
((your wand will transform into anything you need))
khaileid - Today at 5:12 PM
Hinahina - Today at 5:13 PM
((well anything you HAVE right lol))
((weapons wise))
khaileid - Today at 5:17 PM
Torryl distances her self from the card a bit. She looks at her sword. She remembered that it transformed earlier from a wand into a sword. She thought for a bit and wondered what else it can turn into to. It then transformed inth the first weapon she could think of: A crossbow.
((which tense am i using? who knows lol))
Torryl takes aim and fires.

Hinahina - Today at 5:18 PM
((awright let's see if it hits))
khaileid - Today at 5:18 PM
Hinahina - Today at 5:18 PM
((awright that hits))
((what's the dams))

khaileid - Today at 5:19 PM
(btw i wanna tray to be gone by 10:30 or 11 bc i gotta take my meds which also helps me to sleep)
Hinahina - Today at 5:19 PM
((we're almost done promise))
khaileid - Today at 5:19 PM
Hinahina - Today at 5:19 PM
((might be done this turn if the damage is good enough lol))
khaileid - Today at 5:19 PM
(its cool didint wanna just leave without warning)
Hinahina - Today at 5:20 PM
The creature is stunned, the fireworks have reached its climax. As deafening noise explodes around you, you watch the creature fall to its knees and shimmer before disappearing.
You see lying there in the grass the crumpled form of the person you had seen earlier.
Near their hands, are four cards.
The fireworks wind down, and the energy you had felt fades from you. In a little bright beam, the crossbow turns back into a wand, and then into a small enamel pin which affixes itself to your collar.
The wind blows as you look at the person who was once a monster and is now a sleeping form. The cards near them glow gently.

khaileid - Today at 5:24 PM
Torryl picks up the cards and checks to see if its still dangerous
((i think its either an arcanan or investigation check that i wanna do))
Hinahina - Today at 5:25 PM
Before you can really do anything, as soon as you touch the cards, three of them vanish and you are left with a single Ace of Spades.
Your left arm burns, and as you look down you see a deep black tattoo of a spade now burned into your forearm.
The pain goes away as quickly as it appeared, and so does the card.
((you now have in your inventory:
ace of spades: +1nature
two of spades: -1perception
three of spades: -3insight
four of spades: +5constitution))
((each one of these is one time use only, and can be cast on a target of your choosing))

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