Deck Disaster!!! Episode 03

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Deck Disaster!!! Episode 03

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Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:12 PM
okie dokie!!!
Samurai Champloo - Tsurugi No Mai

Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:13 PM
((made its volume lowish feel free to make it lower))
You find yourself in an extremely expensive neighborhood where even the street vendors look high class.
The sun has set and all the lights and displays have come out to play with the stars and moon, which look closer because you're of course in a floating city.
It's getting chillier, and people are starting to wear more layers.
The heat from cooking food in stands plays in your nose as you make your way to the address you were given.
Since you've signed an official contract with Parees, you're now officially moving into the penthouse with Morthos. All of your things were picked up earlier and now you're just making your way.
((are you wearing any layers or does the cold affect you?))
deezy-Last Friday at 4:16 PM
((definitely wearing layers))
Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:17 PM
HyperSonicKeyBrian Encore 🎶
MapleStory Ost - Night Market Extended
Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:17 PM
Lanterns flicker and a multitude of brightly coloured objects catch your eye. People wave at you, some notice your good looks and immediately get embarrassed.
((after you're done can you roll a perception check for me lol))
deezy-Last Friday at 4:19 PM
Abel adjusts the pale grey scarf more tightly around him, taking a moment to adjust the layers of his outfit, a stylish ensemble of downy, knittted pieces done up in varying neutral shades of off white and grey. If he was going to be cold, he may as well look good.

He flicks his eyes towards various passerbys, making a point of smiling kindly if he happens to make eye contact. Good practise for dealing with possible adoring public in the future. The scents wafting from vendor stalls enticed him, but he opted to make his way swiftly to the condo complex instead of lingering any longer in the chill.

Arriving , he sweeps into the lobby before looking to make his way towrds the elevator.
Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:20 PM
((aww his outfit sounds so cute lol))
((roll a perception check reaaal quick))
deezy-Last Friday at 4:20 PM
((uhhh uhhh lmao scrambles for sheets))
Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:21 PM
((XD!!!! <333))
((DM: can you roll a perception check for me? Everyone: SWEATS))
deezy-Last Friday at 4:21 PM
(( 21 ))
Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:21 PM
((you see all))
((lolol damn tho))
deezy-Last Friday at 4:22 PM
(( lmao somehow i have a +7 to perception??? I rolled a 14 ))
Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:23 PM
You immediately pick up not only on shady folks in the street perhaps selling less than authentic goods as you had passed by, but when you approached the massive building you definitely noticed something watching you from outside with intensity. However, when you turned to look directly at them, they disappear. Despite being gone, you definitely feel their presence.
((so now you know there's someone following you))
The receptionist smiles at you brightly as she hands you a keycard to access the penthouse. They were able to easily verify your authentication.
((you now have the Penthouse Keycard in your inventory))
((you need this card in order to access your new home, and if you lose it, that means someone else may be able to get in))
((also you'll be effectively locked out lol))
deezy-Last Friday at 4:27 PM
Abel sniffs and tosses his hair, nose in the air as he strides purposefully into the building. His weird microphone thingy is tucked safely in his pocket, and he touches a hand to it to quell the sudden rush of adrenaline.

He makes a point of smiling and calmly thanking the receptionist as he accepts the keycard. He certainly didn't want whomever (or whatever, his mind supplies unhelpfully) to know he had noticed them.

He tuckes the card safely in his other pocket and makes his way to the elevator.
Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:29 PM
As you get into the elevator, someone enters the building and you feel a gust of air blow into the elevator with you. The person who entered the building looks relatively nondescript and just as surprised at the wind as everyone else. The door to the elevator closes.
RythmBOT-Last Friday at 4:29 PM

Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:29 PM
((I paused the music because that music part is over lol))
You feel the presence again, very strong this time, as though it's right next to you.
((since you rolled so high I'm just gonna say they just can't catch you offguard anymore lol))
deezy-Last Friday at 4:31 PM
Abel starts and whips around. "W-who's there?" he asks, keeping his voice as steady as he can,with this horribly unnerving feeling rushing through.
Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:31 PM
You hear the tiniest exhale from below your knees.
deezy-Last Friday at 4:32 PM
Abel takes a step back, startled. He fights off the instinctual urge to football punt whatever it is.
Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:32 PM
((lolol not an unreasonable response))
deezy-Last Friday at 4:32 PM
Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:32 PM
Escaflowne Original Sound Track - What'cha gonna do

Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:33 PM
A little voice clears and you look down to see an extremely small and extremely pastel ... clown.
This is definitely the presence you felt watching you earlier.
Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:33 PM
A little voice clears and you look down to see an extremely small and extremely pastel ... clown.
This is definitely the presence you felt watching you earlier.
Yet they seem vaguely nonthreatening, for now.
deezy-Last Friday at 4:34 PM
Abel fights off his first thought ("c-cute") and instead says aloud, "Who the h-- heck are you?". He ammends his tone as best he can, given the circumstances, but can't quite keep his word choice as clean as he'd like.
Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:35 PM ... TlLWGlGdWc
Google Docs

deezy-Last Friday at 4:35 PM
"I didn't see you enter. How did you-- okay, no honestly, who are you? Let's start there."
Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:35 PM
((needed to make sure you could see the image I think you've seen it but just a refresher lol))
deezy-Last Friday at 4:35 PM
(( CUTE!!!! i've decided Abel also likes clowns lmao but he'll never admit it))
Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:35 PM
The little clown looks at you as the elevator rises through the building.
She makes a sweeping bow and says in a tiny voice. "My name is Jester!"
deezy-Last Friday at 4:36 PM
"A-ah. I see." He purses his lips for a moment before taking note of the elevator rising. "Er.. hello. So, what floor would you like?"

He thinks about it for a moment longer and adds. "Wait, do you have an access card to be here?"
Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:37 PM
She waves her little baton and three large colourful balls pop into existence one on top of the other. Balanced impossibly but perfectly, she's now almost eyelevel as she smiles.
"Jester thinks you are Morthos' new friend, yes?"
deezy-Last Friday at 4:38 PM
Abel takes another step back as the clown is suddenly in his face.
"Ah, so you're friends with., uh--" he quickly throws out every choice word that pops into his head to describe Morthos, finally settling on, "--guy."
"Also Morthos and I are colleagues, it's rather a stretch to call us friends of all things."
Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:39 PM
Jester tilts her head back and forth in a noncommital but also somehow commital gesture as she smiles.
deezy-Last Friday at 4:39 PM
"So, about that access card..." he tries to give Jester a subtle up and down, to see if he can spot one.
Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:40 PM
Jester produces a card but seems to be holding it just far enough away for you to see it clearly.
((can you roll an insight check for me lol))
deezy-Last Friday at 4:41 PM
Abel frowns. He liked clowns, but didn't like smart alecks. He clicks his tongue. "Well anyway, you didn't say what your business was. What floor are you headed to? Though I fear I may know the answer already..."
((one sec))
(( 16 ))
Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:42 PM
((yeah that beat her sleight of hand lol))
((pretty soundly lol))
Jester nods in agreement, confirming that you know exactly the floor she's riding with you to.
She taps the pocket holding your microphone with her baton.
"Isn't it heavy like that?"
deezy-Last Friday at 4:44 PM
Abel reprimandingly flicks her baton away. "It's very rude to touch strangers, ask first. And no, I quite prefer to keep it on my person. I'd ask how you know about it, but frankly I wouldn't expect a straight answer."

He purses his lips again & flicks his eyes up at the floor indicator. Maybe Parees would be able to make heads or tails of Jester.
Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:45 PM
Jester taps the pocket again an you feel the heartshaped microphone baton shrink immediately.
She seems completely unintimidated by you and just smiles.
deezy-Last Friday at 4:46 PM
Abel hates that she seems completely intimidated by him. Giving her a dirty look, he reaches into his pocket to feel the change in size for himself. Granted, it was easier to carry this way. Begrudgingly, he admits it out loud. "Yes, I do imagine this makes transporting it easier. How is it you did that, may I ask?"
Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:47 PM
She shrugs. "It works that way for Morthos, it should for you!"
As you touch it, you realize it's turned into a small enamel pin you can now wear.
((so this is your wearable henshin summon object lol))
Jester sighs sadly.
"Morthos won't let me help him. He doesn't like me."
The elevator is getting closer to the top now.
deezy-Last Friday at 4:49 PM
Abel clips his enamel pin onto the front of his sweater. It went nicely with his outfit. Absentmindedly he says, "I can't imagine why."
Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:49 PM
A little look of hurt flicks across Jester's face and her bottom lip trembles.
She sniffs loudly and the elevator dings, doors opening.
deezy-Last Friday at 4:51 PM
Abel feels a little bad despite himself. The clown was sort of... a lot, but she seemed to mean well. "Perhaps he hasn't had a chance to get to know you?" he tries.
Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:52 PM
Jester tilts her head, considering it. She seems to feel a little bit better at your reproach. All of the balls but one disappears from under Jester and she quickly bounces inside, looking around. You notice how clean and pristine everything is, totally contrary to Morthos' personality, until you notice the fresh towels and recently done laundry next to a note from a housekeeper who is no longer here. In fact, no one is there, not even Parees.
Jester takes her baton and makes a little symbol on the sliding glass door to the garden. It glows briefly before fading away, and she seems extremely pleased. She bounces into the garden.
You notice a little note written in purple ink - Parees' trademark - with your name on it.
deezy-Last Friday at 4:55 PM
((sorry got distracted by twitter lmao))
Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:55 PM
((it's fine lol))
Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:57 PM
((there we go))
deezy-Last Friday at 4:57 PM
Abel sighs internally when he realizes he's still alone up here with Jester, and probably no further answers to what's going on for a good while. At this point he'd even be happy to see Morthos' dumb face.

He watches Jester bounce through the apartment before dissolving a pane of glass like it was sugar in water. He didn't even try to make sense of what that clown was about.

He rubs his forehead, wandering over to the note Parees left him.
Hinahina-Last Friday at 4:58 PM
Nighttime has settled in and you hear lovely music being piped in from somewhere.
The penthouse is really very elegant and clean, and it has little touches of purple and pink flowers.
You notice a small tea set on a glass table next to some paperwork - all written on in purple ink.
((would you like to read the note or what would you like to do here lol))
deezy-Last Friday at 5:00 PM
((yeah he went to see the note first, since it's the only communication Parees left him))

Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:01 PM
((okay cool just checking to see if Abel is actually reading it before I dig in lol))
deezy-Last Friday at 5:01 PM
((yep! ^^ ))
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:02 PM
You open the note and in elegant script Parees lets you know that she's on her way. Some of the words sparkle and change halfway through the letter and you realize it's being written with a magical pen that can update that contents with a minor memo spell.
deezy-Last Friday at 5:04 PM
Abel blinks at the neat memo spell trick. Clever! He places the note down on the table and stretches, taking a slow walk about the apartment. He really appreciated the decorating touches (purple was one of his favourite colours, and elegant hue. Probably wasted on that lout Morthos). He touches a hand delicately here and there, admiring, all the while looking for what would be his own room while he makes a circuit
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:04 PM
She apologizes, again, and lets you know that you are free to pick out a room. There are three rooms available. One is on the second level where Morthos' is, and has a massive view of the city. The other is located closer to the garden and has a small solarium attached to it. The third is small but is conveniently closer to the front door.
((which room would you like?))
((btw these choices and things adjust how the story goes I have like various things it effects lol))
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 5:05 PM
(Caught up 8D how dare u Abel, just smooch Morthos and get over it already gosh)
deezy-Last Friday at 5:06 PM
Abel silently curses Morthos for taking the best room without consulting him first, but he figures he would've done the same in his place. He sighs and wanders over to the room with the solarium before setting his small travel bag down on the bed. "This one." he says aloud, smiling.
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:06 PM
deezy-Last Friday at 5:06 PM
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 5:06 PM
(Sorry!! I didn’t realize the time blargh)
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:07 PM
In this room you have perhaps the best view of the stars looking up through the small glass ceiling of the alcove your bed rests under. You can't see the city, but what you do see is the sky and the rose garden somehow magically blooming through the chilly air.
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 5:07 PM
(Of course he’d pick the one with the view of the city, he probably stands there naked at the window with a big smile)
deezy-Last Friday at 5:07 PM
((No worries! I just met Jester lol and Abel probably had the same reaction Morthos did hahahaha ))
(( of course he does. Nice. :3 ))
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:08 PM
Jester taps the window next to your bed and smiles, holding a rose. She plucks petals off and eats them one by one, as though they were potato chips.
You hear some noise from the entryway as the elevator opens.
Parees and Morthos step inside.
deezy-Last Friday at 5:09 PM
Abel's smile freezes over. He's definitely going to have to get some drapes.
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:09 PM
Jester's face gets excited and she pops out of view.
deezy-Last Friday at 5:10 PM
Abel makes a few calculations in his head in regards to square footage to fabric yardage before making his way out into the hall. "About time." he says, emerging from his room.
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 5:11 PM
Morthos unwraps his scarf in a swooping motion. “Missed me, Dumbbell? I see you’ve made yourself at home.”
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:11 PM
Parees smiles at you, always looking far too embarrassed. "I thought I would run out and get some welcome snacks!" She holds up a pink and white striped bag of a famous local bakery.
Her nose and cheeks are a little pink from the cold.
deezy-Last Friday at 5:12 PM
Abel completely ignores Morthos' horrible nickname. "I daresay nobody misses you." he snarks, making his way over to smile at Parees in greeting.
He gives Morthos a deadpan nod.
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:13 PM
Parees happily pushes a bouquet of flowers into your arms, seeming extremely excited to have you here. It's full of lavender, orchids, and delphinium, making a waterfall of blues and purples.
"Welcome home!"
She shoots Morthos a look.
deezy-Last Friday at 5:14 PM
"Lovely, thank you!" He admires them for a moment, taking a whiff, before setting them down on the counter. He makes a mental note to place them in a vase later... once he figures out where such things are kept.
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 5:15 PM
Morthos snorts a laugh and flops his jacket over the back of a chair. “Yeah, right, what she said.” And then after a beat, “Why did you let in the riffraff?”
deezy-Last Friday at 5:16 PM
Abel glances down at Jester. "Ah, she uh. Followed me in--- not to say you're riffraff, Jester!" he ammends quickly.
(( lmao Abel is trying to hard to be nice hahaha ))
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:16 PM
She pats Morthos on the back, urging him to converse. "I'm going to boil some water." She produces an orange anemone flower and gently pins it to Morthos' lapel, giving him a little kiss on the forehead in a big sister manner.
Jester grins broadly, having been noticed, and jumps up to Morthos.
"Jester is so happy to be in the same room as you Mr. Morthos! Mr. Abel was so kind to let me in!"
Abel, you then realize that perhaps you should have looked closer at her card as it may have been an illusion.
((the sleight of hand was her trying to steal your card and then the illusion was the fallback lol))
deezy-Last Friday at 5:17 PM
(( ohhhh lol ))
Abel internally shrugs. It seemed like Jester was Morthos' problem now, and he was fine with that. He shoots Morthos a snarky look as he follows Parees into the kitchen, watching with amusement as the little clown bounces around the other man.
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:19 PM
Jester happily chatters at Morthos in her strange halfspeak.
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 5:20 PM
Morthos sneers down at Jester and continues past him, flopping down on a chair, trying his best to ignore him while tapping on his crystal phone
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:21 PM
((lol y'all r so meaaan))
Parees hands Abel a beautiful ube cakeroll to bring out as she carries the kettle.
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 5:21 PM
(He won’t let her climb into his heart lmao)
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:22 PM
Parees pours water and places tea options out for everyone, then slicing the cake into perfect sizes on beautiful little saucers and tiny forks.
deezy-Last Friday at 5:22 PM
(( hahaha, Abel just doesn't take well to things he can't explain or wield any influence over. Jester is both of that. ))
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:23 PM
Parees seems completely unsure of what to do about Jester, and hands her a piece of cake, which Jester takes happily.
In fact, Jester's happiness borders on being almost PROUD.
"Jester hopes you have now realized this was not a one-time thing!" She looks at Morthos pointedly, her little eyes glittering.
deezy-Last Friday at 5:24 PM
Abel watches the clown devour the pastry, wondering what kind of diet it has.... rose petals... cake? He decided not to dwell on it for too long. He instead took a plate and after a moment's hestation, picked one up for Morthos and brought it over to him where he was on the couch. "Here." he says brusquely
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:24 PM
"Jester has observed you fought again, and now with an ally!"
deezy-Last Friday at 5:24 PM
((wow reading that back i switched tenses like 8 times ))
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:25 PM
((shit man it's DnD it's alllll good lol))
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 5:25 PM
“Thanks babe,” he answers with a wicked grin, accepting it from him and swinging a leg down to push himself more upright to eat.
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:26 PM
Parees shifts uncomfortably. She herself seems to have come to that conclusion.
She looks at Morthos.
She then looks at Abel.
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 5:26 PM
deezy-Last Friday at 5:27 PM
Abel gives him a look that would wither a healthy tree. "Anyways." he says, as he completely ignores that and settles himself down on the other end of the couch. "So Jester, what were you admonishing Morthos about again?"
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:28 PM
Jester crosses her arms. "Morthos won't let Jester help! Jester can help! Jester needs Morthos' help too ..."
She trails off and looks a little sad.
She softly touches down on the carpet at Morthos' face, and she looks up at the three of you - a little bit of desperation and fear filling her eyes.
"Jester begs."
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 5:29 PM
“Don’t need your help,” he says between mouthfuls. He smacks his lips. “Dumbbell might be a weaker link and accept your offer, though.”
deezy-Last Friday at 5:31 PM
Abel rolls his eyes. "Jester, it would probably help if you explained what... you needed help with. I honestly have no idea what's going on here, and frankly I can't say I'm inclined to help if I don't know what that even entails."
**rolls his eyes at Morthos
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:31 PM
Gently, Jester takes your hand and rolls your sleeve up, exposing your new diamond tattoo.
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 5:32 PM
Morthos grunts approval at what his partner says, licking his fork after another mouthful.
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:32 PM
As she touches it, a shiver goes through you opposite to the burning you felt when you got it.
"Jester's family is in trouble. They're all split up and mixed up."
She waves her hands in an arc and a deck of ghostly cards appears in the air. Most of them are blacked out, except for the ones the both of you have found.
"When Jester's family gets mixed up, they get confused, and they get scared." Jester's voice trembles as the cards shift to show one from each suit together. As they join, the elements from each card are too combative, and the energy they generate explodes.
She watches the small explosion of energy and places a finger on your tattoo.
"A lovely diamond!"
She points to Morthos, "A fierce club!"

quietsnooze-Last Friday at 5:37 PM
“That’s right,” he grunts, licking his finger of the crumbs.
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:37 PM
"Jester's family is mixed up, but Jester thinks this means they feel you can help!"
She floats to the ground again and this time completely kneels.
"With your great powers, please, will you help Jester?"
((now, you don't have to agree))
deezy-Last Friday at 5:38 PM
"Jester, are your family those... things that attacked us?"
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:38 PM
((if you say no, Jester will disappear and look for help elsewhere, but it will take you guys down a totally different path lol))
Jester looks up at you and looks as though she might cry. "Yes. When they get mixed up, out of their suits, their energy is just too strong! They want so badly to help the people who find them to achieve their dreams ... but their ways are too different. It takes the dreams of the people they try to help and makes it too much!"
Parees inhales slightly as she looks at Morthos. "They were your fans, they wanted to meet you. The cards were trying to help them get close to you."
You remember how the kids you found were all wear Morthos fan apparel.
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 5:42 PM
“How charming,” he replies drolly. “So will that continue or are they going to get bored of us?”
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:42 PM
Jester looks at Morthos, head slightly tilted. "People have bigger dreams than just you, Mr. Morthos."
deezy-Last Friday at 5:42 PM
"Parees, what do you think of all this. You're our manager after all. Vigilanteism, while exciting and perhaps beneficial to brand building... may not neccessarily be part of the gameplan you've got in mind for us."
Abel snorts
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 5:43 PM
Morthos’ lips curl in amusement. “Then why should we seek them out? That sounds like a chore. A second job.”
deezy-Last Friday at 5:43 PM
Abel seems to be on the fence.
He thinks aloud, "On the one hand, being hero idols has a nice ring to it. If nothing else, it cements a brand that few other working idols could ever hope to lay claim to. Just from a business perspective, this could do our careers a big favour."
He remembers himself. "Er, not accounting for the danger, I mean."
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:44 PM
Parees folds her arms across her chest. She seems totally unsure and torn. "Was it luck that caused these cards to be drawn to Morthos? But if it goes unchecked it could hurt lots of people."
deezy-Last Friday at 5:45 PM
(( I love how we made an ambitious, career oriented character, and a wild card self indulgent boy as our characters in a magical boy/girl RP lmao... definitely not the classic personas for saving the world ))
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:45 PM
She shakes her head, expressing concern, "I could market it as a huge media campaign, as long as damage was minimal ... it would boost popularity a bit."
Parees taps her chin and seems to look far away, "Hero idols ..."
"Protecting the hearts and dreams of their fans ..."
((me too lolol))
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 5:47 PM
Morthos gives a loud sigh. “Yes, fine. We control this our way, our image. And we better up the insurance. Anything happens to this face and I’m fu- fiiiinding myself out of a career.”
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:47 PM
"We could ... really go global ..." She looks at the both of you. "But you'd need to do more than just choreography and rehearsing, you'd actually need to learn to fight."
Parees has a dreamy look on her face. "Posters, movie deals!"
She shakes her head and the reverie is gone. "But this is DANGEROUS!"
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 5:48 PM
“I know how to fight,” he retorts defensively. “I didn’t make my way around the courts without knowing how to wield a blade.”
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:49 PM
Parees folds her hands in her lap and looks down. "I know we've only known each other so long, but I don't want anything bad to happen to either of you."
Her knuckles whiten a bit.
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 5:49 PM
deezy-Last Friday at 5:50 PM
Abel tosses his hair confidently. "Don't worry, we've got me to keep this lout in check."
"As you said, think of the posters, movie deals! We'll need to arrange a training schedule. I'd be happy to sit down and help draft a rudimentary one. I'm not sure what the diet plan is, but I know it'll have to contain more than golden apples. If we're going to do this, we're doing it seriously."
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:51 PM
Parees looks caught off guard as she looks up at Abel, and she smiles, a couple tears streaking away as she laughs a bit.
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 5:51 PM
“I hate to disappoint, but you really are far too normal of a man to take care of me, darling.”
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:51 PM
Parees places a hand on her heart and looks down again.
"In here, I want to help, but I would never want to risk either of you. I always wanted to make people's dreams come true, and this is your dream, and you help other people dream too."
She takes a deep breath and smiles at the both of you nervously.
"But ... if you're sure ... I'll support you one-hundred percent!"
deezy-Last Friday at 5:52 PM
"Call me darling again and I'll write golden apples right out of the meal plan" he retorts sweetly
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:52 PM
((lord lmao))
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 5:53 PM
Morthos tuts and purrs, “aww,” like he’s been hurt, placing a hand over his chest.
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:54 PM
Jester seems relieved and blinks their own tears of gratitude from their eyes.
"Jester cannot do much, but what Jester can, Jester will do!"
deezy-Last Friday at 5:55 PM
(( lmao Mik's character can't get here soon enough to cut this tension hahahaha ))
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 5:55 PM
deezy-Last Friday at 5:55 PM
Abel blinks as he remembers that yes, this is in fact to help Jester and not just for his career. "A-ah, yes! We'll do our best Jester!"
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:55 PM
Jester bounces a ball high in the air with her baton and it explodes into sparkles as a concave crystal falls into each of your laps.
((jester is like 50% chibiusa lol))
Jester motions for you to place the crystal over your ear and hands one to Parees to demonstrate.
It covers your ear like a strange earmuff, but doesn't seem uncomfortable and is able to still hear things around you.
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 5:57 PM
“Uh.” Morthos picks it up and slowly, hesitantly follows the instructions
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:57 PM
Inside your ear you hear Parees' soft voice slightly amplified.
deezy-Last Friday at 5:57 PM
Abel turns it around in his hands before shrugging and putting it on.
Hinahina-Last Friday at 5:57 PM
Jester mimes tapping it twice.
As Parees follows Jester's lead, the crystal magically pops into a new and completely painless piercing in Parees' ear.
Parees is in shock as she taps the the earring itself twice and the little headphone appears once again over her ear.
"Jester has made these for you to talk to each other!"
The little clown smiles proudly.
((you now have a Communicator Crystal which disguises itself as one of your earrings))
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 6:00 PM
“So he can hear every sound I make~?” he asks mischievously, eyes flicking to Abel
Hinahina-Last Friday at 6:00 PM
Parees makes a grossed out face.
"So can I"
deezy-Last Friday at 6:01 PM
"We're not that sort of idol group, you lout."
Hinahina-Last Friday at 6:01 PM
Jester shakes her head, and Parees probably thanks a higher power that it seems what you said went right over the little clown's head.
deezy-Last Friday at 6:01 PM
"Gravure idols are the next building over."
Hinahina-Last Friday at 6:02 PM
"It's only when activated!"
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 6:02 PM
“I’m flattered.”
Hinahina-Last Friday at 6:02 PM
((oh my god dee lol))
Parees mumbles to Morthos.
"Please don't oh my goodness please."
Her face looks a little stricken over the horror of hearing Morthos in the middle of ... stuff.
Jester has no idea what's going on.
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 6:03 PM
deezy-Last Friday at 6:03 PM
(s fdjklfjslfsjdld )
"So, Jester. Is there any way to know when your... uh. Family will appear? Or how to track them down. I don't like the idea of them ambushing us whenever they so choose."
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 6:04 PM
Morthos looks at his nails, his tail devilishly flicking between his legs.
Hinahina-Last Friday at 6:04 PM
Jester tilts their head as though they hadn't considered this.
Parees seems to come out of her fear-daze as she sputters. "E-energy tracking? Magical energy t-tracking?"
Jester looks at Parees, surprised.
Parees clears her throat, "There's a medium range spell you can cast on objects which will alert you of energy spikes ... researchers use it all the time to douse for ley lines ... but I'm sure there's a way to refine it? I could ... I could work on that."
She looks at the both of you for approval.
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 6:08 PM
“Sounds like you’re even more than a pretty face and a decent manager,” Morthos purrs. He drags a finger along the empty plate and licks it.
deezy-Last Friday at 6:08 PM
Abel tilts his head, thinking a moment. "Sounds like the best plan we've got, so I'd say go for it."
Hinahina-Last Friday at 6:08 PM
RythmBOT-Last Friday at 6:08 PM
deezy-Last Friday at 6:08 PM
(( i'm laughing, morthos flirts with EVERYONE I LOVE IT ))
Hinahina-Last Friday at 6:08 PM
Parees pats Morthos on the shoulder awkwardly.
((can you guys roll insight checks for me lol))
deezy-Last Friday at 6:11 PM
(( 15 ))
Hinahina-Last Friday at 6:12 PM
Abel senses Parees' extreme emotional distress.
Because she literally can't deal with flirting ever at all lol.
deezy-Last Friday at 6:13 PM
Abel sighs & bumps Morthos on the shoulder as he gets up to clear the plates and deposit them in the sink.
Hinahina-Last Friday at 6:13 PM
Abel also senses a fluctuation in energy readings nearby, although he is unable to pinpoint it.
((essentially, you are alerted to the fact that there are cards somewhere nearby manifesting))
deezy-Last Friday at 6:14 PM
He glances up from the sink, calling out, "Hey, did anyone else just feel something weird just now? It felt sort of like... how it did that day, when we met, ah, one of Jester's relatives. But I can't be sure."
((I think vanessa may be afk ))
Hinahina-Last Friday at 6:15 PM
((yeah I figured lol it's no worries, we can save the fiiiiight))
((i'm sorry abt the exposition I swear there's more payoff lol))
((she may have disconnected lol))
deezy-Last Friday at 6:15 PM
(( no it's okay! Exposition is fun too! Gives us a chance to get to know our characters better by playing them ))
Hinahina-Last Friday at 6:16 PM
((let's give Vanessa a couple minutes but otherwise we can save the fight for next time lol, we've had like two hours of good roleplay and I don't like to drag stuff on too long))
((essentially, you got some goodies lol))
deezy-Last Friday at 6:17 PM
(( okay! Sounds good to me! We can jump right into action next time ))
Hinahina-Last Friday at 6:17 PM
((oh right though real quick))
Parees taps her finger on her chin.
"When you both use your ... microphones, your appearance changes. So does your outfits ... Perhaps we should consider coordinating outfits during your fights to maximize publicity?"
((so basically youuu guys are welcome to come up w card/clown/jester/minstrel/whatever themed outfits for this arc, I can give you a base to work off of lol))
((but i mean outfits are half the fun right))
((ANYWAY just wanted to get that on the record before we end this time lol))

deezy-Last Friday at 6:19 PM
((A base would be nice! We could modify them to our liking then. I guess different arcs will have a different look/motif? ))
((I wouldn't mind just winging it either though ))
Hinahina-Last Friday at 6:19 PM
((YES omg .... dee ...... ur gonna love one of the arcs))
((I have a base I can give you guys no problemo))
((but yes you called it each arc will have a different outfit base and theme))
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 6:20 PM
(Ahh sorry I had to put together an order for mailing tomorrow)
Hinahina-Last Friday at 6:20 PM
((it's fine XD))
((okay so we have ended the roleplay you each now have Penthouse Keycards and Communication Crystals))
deezy-Last Friday at 6:21 PM
Hinahina-Last Friday at 6:21 PM
((you now can summon your henshin wand from a pin))
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 6:22 PM
(Morthos is totally not gonna abuse that nope)
Hinahina-Last Friday at 6:22 PM
((and I'll get the design base to you guys lol))
((i have a solo sesh with mik coming up, and is it cool if we pick up after the new year and then do two sessions maybe in January?))
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 6:23 PM
(Sounds good!)
Hinahina-Last Friday at 6:23 PM
((just because december is craaaazy, unless you guys can swing an extra session))
((but yeah we are progressing really well, levels will start to parse out and there's going to be a lot more adventuring from this point on now that we're all like ... situated lol))
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 6:24 PM
deezy-Last Friday at 6:24 PM
(Sounds good to me! Jan seems like it'd more doable for all, given the time of year.)
Hinahina-Last Friday at 6:25 PM
((awesome, alright guyssss, I'll send you the base either tonight or tomorrowwwww, hit me up if you need anything!!!))
((thank you for playing ;-;!!!!! this is fun!!!!))
quietsnooze-Last Friday at 6:25 PM
deezy-Last Friday at 6:25 PM
(Will do! Thank you! <333 ))
k logging off, gnight guys!
Hinahina-Last Friday at 6:25 PM

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