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Morthos has had an amazing performance, and his appeal has gone through the roof due to a strange misunderstanding when audiences thought his battle with the Card Monster was an act! They’re now calling him the Hero Idol! He finds himself in possession of a strange card, with a new tattoo of the Suit of Clubs, and a strange new companion named Jester. His manager is worse for wear, but is looking forward to pursuing her dream of molding an elite idol group.

Morthos Inventory Gain: Ace of Clubs - One Time Use +1 Intimidation
Vanessa Level Up: Yes
Dee Level Up: Yes
Mik Level Up: Yes

it's cool i can type it lol
so just as a headsup this is my first time DMing lol
and i'm very open to critique
4:03 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
no problem haha
Vanessa • 4:03 PM

You step onto a platform back stage.
You hear the hustle and bustle of stage hands rushing to and fro.
Your manager - Parees - is standing to the side giving you a thumbsup.
This is your third performance since your debut!
The roar of the crowd is so loud you can barely hear your own heartbeat as it rushed through your ears
As the platform begins to rise, the cool air slowly fades away into the humid heat of concert bodies.
The gelled lights are bright and vibrant, and you can hear people chanting your name!
Your fans are few, but fiercely loyal.
((you can roll to see how you perform like with acrobatics, performance, etc, you can do more than one to make a larger show!))
4:07 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
(oooh okay I'm better at performance sooo let's see)
(15 whomp whomp haha)
(I say that disappointedly because my modifier is +5 lmao)
Vanessa • 4:09 PM

oops ((lol))
4:09 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Vanessa • 4:10 PM

For a newbie you definitely shine, and you've made people take notice of your steps.
Your voice soars and just before it may crack (oh no, did you forget to do vocal warmups?), you managed to switch the octave and recover.
No one seems to notice, aside from Parees, as you twirl and shimmy your way across the stage.
The crowd goes WILD!!!!
4:11 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Morthos face aches from grinning as he performs
Vanessa • 4:12 PM

The steps almost seem to flow out of you like water, and your adrenaline kicks up with the beat.
As your eyes skim the crowd, you're able to notice the final product of the stage design.
It's been decorated to resemble Alice in Wonderland, with chessboards, teacups, and giant mushrooms.
Your outfit is styled to perfectly match your personality, with smart white gloves, a checked vest, and a pocketwatch.
((roll for your finale of the song))
4:14 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Vanessa • 4:14 PM

Red and white roses explode from above you, making it rain blossoms and petals! Your dancing is almost perfectly on beat, and you catch a rose, throwing it at the crowd, and they reward you with screams like you've never heard.
You strike a pose, your breath labored, what an amazing intro to your concert! You swear you can hear the hysterical weeping of a few fans in the front row.
4:17 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
(yesssss good job Morthos haha)
He winks at the general direction of the front row, blinded by the lights too much to see what the fans looked like.
Vanessa • 4:18 PM

The next song begins, and as you start into the motions, you notice a large Playing Card in the crowd. You don't remember seeing them at rehearsal though ...
4:18 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
( omg 😮 )
Vanessa • 4:18 PM

The crowd screams, but for a totally different reason! The Card has grown THREE TIMES IN SIZE! It lurches towards the stage.
Stage equipment crashes as it smashes into everything.
The music continues to play as you stop singing in shock. The instrumental against panicked yelling is eerie without voices to accompany it.
You feel the stage shudder as the platform attempts to withdraw you, to no avail! Parees rushes out to intercept the massive card, shrieking at it,
"Excuse me!!! If you'd like to meet the Idol, you'll have to wait for the meet and greet!!! Excuse me!!!"
The Card's hand rushes towards Parees!
((roll to save her!))
4:20 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
( >:O )
(what modifier should I use? if any)
Vanessa • 4:20 PM

((I'm gonna say Survival lol))
4:21 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
(okay cool >:D +2 )
Vanessa • 4:21 PM

((seems fitting lol XD; I promise she won't die or anything!))
4:21 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
(16+2 yassss)
Vanessa • 4:21 PM

((nice omg lol))
4:22 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Vanessa • 4:22 PM

You shove Parees out of the way just in time! She tumbles to the floor, in shock.
The Cardsta is increasingly upset! Parees' eyes meet yours, and you exchange equal looks of fear.
Or perhaps Parees thinks it's fear, because she's so consumed by it.
She tries to keep herself together by sitting up, and attempting to evaluate the situation.
Before she can react, you feel a heat in your hand!
The microphone you're still clutching is getting warm! And it looks like it's glowing!
It pulses and shins so brightly you can't look at it, and the Cardsta rears back, blinded temporarily.
4:25 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Morthos raises an eyebrow in confusion, but, seeing the reaction, holds it in front of himself testingly
Vanessa • 4:26 PM

You look at the microphone again, and it's totally different! ... dhTjA/view
4:26 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
(omg cute)
Vanessa • 4:27 PM

You feel an instinct inside you, and you raise your new microphone to your lips and you shout,
Another light engulfs you, and the monster staggers back again.
4:28 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
(hahaha omg I love it)
Vanessa • 4:28 PM

The crystal ball atop the microphone shifts and changes into a crystalline version of your chosen weapon!
4:28 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
(rapierrrrr >:D )
Vanessa • 4:29 PM

But the Cardsta has regained its composure, and looks as though it wants to fight!!!!
((roll for initiative!))
((monster got a 2 lol))
4:29 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
(5+3 so 8 haha)
(oh good hahaha)
Vanessa • 4:30 PM

((okay you go first, then monster, and since it's almost a crit fail it's gonna have a disadvantage lol))
4:31 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
(okay I'll attack him with the rapier just because i haven't figured out all the bard stuff yet so this is easiest lmao)
Vanessa • 4:31 PM

((no prob lol))
4:31 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
(20! 16+4 though not a crit haha)
Vanessa • 4:32 PM

You get over the shock of what is going on quickly, and slash through the air! The Cardsta roars, assumedly, or at least makes a loud noise of anger! It attempts to block, but fails!
4:33 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
"Ha! That's right, stay back!"
Vanessa • 4:33 PM

It seems fueled by anger, and provoked, it moves to charge at you!
((monster rolled a 7 lol))
4:34 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
(hahaha whomp whomp)
Vanessa • 4:34 PM

He charges, but it's distracted by the pain you inflicted on it! You dodge it easily!
4:34 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Morthos cackles a laugh, grinning at his teammates cockily
Vanessa • 4:35 PM

Parees seems to be banging on the floor to get the attention of stagehands beneath, but nothing! Scanning around, you realize the crowd has totally evacuated and you and Parees are completely alone!
((your turn to attack!))
4:36 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Morthos rolls his shoulders and prepares for another slash
(23 omg haha 19+4 heck yes Morthos u a good boy)
Vanessa • 4:37 PM

((omg lol))
The noise the Cardsta makes is deafening!
It seems to shred into a hundred pieces that disappear into sparkling dust.
A young child lies on the ground, with four playing cards scattered on the ground near them.
4:38 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
(heck yessss)
Vanessa • 4:38 PM

((battle over, please feel free to interact and do as you wish!!!))
4:39 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Morthos suddenly looks worried, cautiously stepping forward. "Kid, hey, kid? You okay?" He kneels down, flashing a glance at Parees
Vanessa • 4:39 PM

Parees has her hands on her face, still sitting, still totally in shock and largely useless.
Her wide eyes dart from you to the child.
4:40 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Morthos turns back to the child with a grimace
Vanessa • 4:40 PM

Parees stutters.
"Y-y-y-your hair!"
She points at you and trembles.
"Your eyes!!!"
4:41 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Morthos' eyes widen. "What's wrong with my hair?!" (hahaha)
(my vain baby)
Vanessa • 4:41 PM

"I-I-It's ... it's WHITE!"
4:41 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
"The ffffuu-" He remembers the child is there and amends, "fuuudge..."
Vanessa • 4:42 PM

She lets out a little noise, fumbling in her pocket, crawling forward, and hands you a little compact mirror.
The child makes a quiet noise as they sleep.
4:42 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Reaching up, he grasps for pieces of it, then takes the mirror. He yelps at the sight of it, and his vibrant orange eyes. "What did it DO to me?!"
Vanessa • 4:43 PM

Parees shakes her head violently, eyes wider than ever, and totally out of words.
4:43 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
"Have I been poisoned?" He peers closer at his eyes, then looks at his other hand at the change in his weapon. "Or is this a spell on our equipment? A curse?"
Vanessa • 4:44 PM

"If, if it's an illusion, it's an impressive one! I can't even see the spellwork!" Parees squeaks.
Suddenly remembering her iStone, she pulls it out and attempts to contact someone, but no one responds.
4:46 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Morthos' brows knit and he frowns to remember that they too are no longer black. "This better not be permanent," he growls, passing the mirror back with disgust.
Vanessa • 4:46 PM

She takes the mirror, and looks at the child, feeling more like herself.
"Were they the ... the thing?" The child shifts in their exhaustive sleep, brushing against the four cards lying near them.
4:47 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Morthos looks back down, torn away from his worrying. "... Perhaps. Must have been. An enchantment?" He picks up a card next to the child
Vanessa • 4:49 PM

As you touch the card, all four of them glow in unison.
They pulse with light and three of them disappear, while the other one heats in your hand and dulls.
4:49 PM

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Morthos' breath catches as he focuses on the glowing card between his fingers
Vanessa • 59 mins

A playing card "Club" symbol appears on the underside of your left forearm.
((You have been imbued with the power of the Suite of Cards: Clubs))
((Each card you collect has a one time use special ability before going permanently dormant. You have earned the Ace of Clubs: Intimidation +1))
((you can put this into your inventory to keep track of it))
58 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
(frickin badass i love intimidation hahaha)
Vanessa • 57 mins

You suddenly feel extremely exhausted, and Parees makes another noise.
"Your hair! It's back to normal!"
The enchanted microphone shrinks down into the palm of your hand as a small enamel pin.
56 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
"It is?! That's.. such a relief. It must have worn off, whatever it was." He plops back so he's sitting instead of kneeling
Morthos turns it over in his fingers, squinting at it, wondering if the item is a blessing or a curse
Vanessa • 56 mins

((would you like to take a quick bathroom break and then we can regroup? it's up to you!))
55 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
(sure! Gonna grab more food haha)
Vanessa • 55 mins

((ok! let me know when you're back!))
54 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
(aaaand back haha not very far to go in this basement)
Vanessa • 53 mins

((lol fair enough!))
((okie dokie!!!!))
You've regrouped in your penthouse, and Parees is biting her lip and leaning forward with her hands on her knees, as she sits on the expansive and modular white couch.
((also i'm sorry i'm dragging you to different places lol it's like plot setup lol))
52 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Morthos picks at his curls and tries to pull them down far enough to check if they are still black
Vanessa • 51 mins

The child had been identified and picked up by their family, muttering about the strangest dreams.
The penthouse you are now in resides above a massively tall building, and has large windows from ceiling to floor in the living room. There is a private garden outside.
The decor of the penthouse is stark white and almost painfully modern, since you only just moved into it.
Parees finally leans back and removes her glasses, rubbing her eyes.
"I would like to inquire what exactly is going on here!" she looks at you accusingly
50 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
"What?" Morthos sputters, startled by the accusatory tone. "I'd love to know that too. If you find out, do let me know so I can avoid another fashion disaster."
Vanessa • 49 mins

Parees bites her lip. "You know, I understand I'm quite young for an aspiring manager, but when you signed the contract you were obligated to tell me if you were under any external charms or enchantments!"
48 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Vanessa • 48 mins

She doesn't seem to believe you, and eyes the pin you're now wearing on your lapel with distrust.
47 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Morthos opens his hands and holds them out with a half shrug. "I don't know what to tell you, Parees. Maybe the kid and I both got dosed by the same elixir or maybe someone's out to get us, but I promise, I got my shit managed. Nothing's haunting me from my past, I took care of all that." His eyes flick down at the pin and he adds quietly, "I think."
Vanessa • 45 mins

Parees hugs a pillow and pulls her legs up on the couch. You can't tell if she believes you yet, but she definitely seems concerned.
"Whatever happened, they were definitely invested in getting at you."
44 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
"Yeah, I could see that from-" and he gestures at her, meaning the way she was almost manhandled. "You think we could afford some, I dunno, bodyguards? Or maybe-" and he brushes his fingers over the pin, "we get this examined my a pro?"
Vanessa • 43 mins

Parees nods in agreement. "We should definitely get an enchanter to look it over ... but we'll need one we can trust, we don't need this going public! Fortunately the audience thinks this was an amazing performance stunt ... The cameras were still rolling and everyone is calling you the Hero Idol now!"
She seems a little happier thinking about that, "That's great exposure, people will think you're amazing actor and it'll really solidify your type to your fans."
((*oops you're an amazing actor
41 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Morthos looks surprised and a little impressed by that, sitting back a little with a crooked smile. "Oh. Well, that's okay then. At least *something* came out of this for us."
Vanessa • 40 mins

Your conversation is interrupted by a loud rapping on the glass door leading to the garden.
You see a small figure standing outside and Parees shies away, still skittish.
39 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Morthos narrows his eyes suspiciously, having had enough surprises today.
Vanessa • 38 mins

You hear a tiny voice on the other side of the glass, "Hello? Hello?? Let me in! Please let me in!" ... lGdWc/view
38 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
"Did.. a fan climb up here?" he asks, rising to his feet to try and see what's saying that
(so cute ;o; )
Vanessa • 37 mins

The small creature raps again on the glass with their little baton.
"Hello!!! Hellooooooo!!!!!!"
37 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Morthos walks slowly to the door, watching warily. He folds his arms as he stops in front of the glass. "Hello. Mind telling me why you're in my garden?"
Vanessa • 36 mins

It draws itself up to its full two-foot height and makes a sweeping bow.
"Greetings! I am Jester! You are the one on the television, yes? I came about the cards! It's really very important if you please ..."
Jester pushes her face against the glass and looks around your penthouse interestedly.
34 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
He looks over his shoulder at Parees. "I think we found your culprit," he snorts. Twisting back to the jester, he asks plainly, "Are you here to confess to enchanting me?"
Vanessa • 33 mins

Jester huffs and crosses her little arms. "Jester did no such thing! I don't have that kind of power!"
33 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
"No, I don't think you do, or you would have made yourself taller," he snorts. "Still, you know who did, though."
Vanessa • 32 mins

Jester's eyes water a bit. "She is very happy with her height she is." She sniffs
31 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
(omg I feel so bad hahaha)
Vanessa • 31 mins

Wiping her nose, she puts on a brave face and nods to you.
"I do not know who changed your looks, but I do know where the card came from!" She produces an ornate card box, and opens it to show that it is empty.
"They came from here! Jester's home!"
She looks at the box sadly. "But now her family is gone, where did it go? Did you find any of Jester's family?"
30 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
"So you *are* responsible." He eyes the box, and slowly unfolds his arms.
Vanessa • 30 mins

Jester shakes her head, "I just woke up only now!"
29 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Taking an audible breath and sighing, he leans a little on the door. "The monster that almost flattened my manager is your family?"
Vanessa • 29 mins

Jester again shakes her head, "No no! The little cards are my family! The big cards only appear when the different suits get together!" Jester seems embarrassed. "They don't really get along ... when they're around each other ... their feelings sort of get too big."
She holds the little box to you again.
"Did you find any of my family?" She says hopefully.
27 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
"I might have." He pulls the card from his sleeve and flattens it against the glass. "Who's this? Your uncle? Nephew? Sister?"
Vanessa • 26 mins

Jester's eyes get bright. "Little Brother! Little Brother! Page of Clubs! He always has the best ideas!"
She looks at the box. "This box is our home, we are happy here, so when we are all together, our feelings don't get too big!"
25 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
"Is one of those bright ideas attacking us during a performance and turning my hair white? Cos that was very much a bad idea."
Vanessa • 24 mins

Jester looks confused. "Where are the other cards? Were there not four?"
Jester mushes her face against the glass door.
"Can Jester please come in?"
23 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Morthos sighs and tucks the card away, folding his arms again. "They disappeared. And I don't know why I'd trust letting you in when you can bring more of those monsters in here."
Vanessa • 23 mins

She nods sadly. Parees has meanwhile crept up and is hiding behind you.
"Can Jester take Little Brother home then?"
22 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Morthos' eyes slide to the side, feeling that Parees has moved but can't subtly check. So he gives up that and takes charge. "Will that make you leave?"
Vanessa • 21 mins

Jester nods quietly.
20 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
"Fine." He rifles around and produces the card again. Attempting to slide it through the glass, he presses it against the gap to see if the doors are too well sealed and if he'll have to open the door after all
Vanessa • 19 mins

Jester watches.
It doesn't go through.
18 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
He mutters a curse in Infernal and flicks the lock on the door, shooting Jester a narrow eyed glare of suspicion as he slowly opens it a tad. "Here."
Vanessa • 18 mins

As her little fingers touch the card, it gets hot and whizzes back inside, slapping you on the face.
17 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Vanessa • 17 mins

Jester's eyes water. "Little Brother! It's time to go home! You can't stay with him!"
17 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Morthos sputters a different curse and pulls the card away at arms length. "What ARE you?"
Vanessa • 16 mins

Jester tilts her head. "Little Brother believes you can help. Little Brother says the others went to look for help too. Will you help us find our family?"
Parees sputters, barreling forward.
15 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Morthos sighs deeply. "I already *have* a job."
Vanessa • 15 mins

"ABSOLUTELY NOT! He's ... he's under contract with ME! Is, is this some ploy to get you to sign with your label, because if so we are NOT falling for it."
14 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Morthos boredly jabs his thumb toward Parees. "What she said," he answers plainly
Vanessa • 14 mins

Jester remains quiet for a bit and then smiles.
"Little Brother says you will help!"
Jester twirls her baton and spins around.
She taps the ground and a giant ball with stars on it appears. Balancing atop it she gives a little bow.
12 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Morthos leans back a little, wary from earlier about displays of magic right now. "The card doesn't speak for me!"
Vanessa • 11 mins

Jester gives a big smile. "If Little Brother believes, so do I!"
She bounces up and down, going higher and higher, until she and the ball disappear into the sky.
10 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Morthos opens the door the rest of the way and leans out, looking for where she's gone
Vanessa • 10 mins

Parees clutches her chest, looking very drained.
"Morthos, I think I'm going to go home for the evening ... and have three different kinds of tea in the bath."
9 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Morthos shuts the door after seeing nothing, brows furrowed. "Sounds like a good idea," he mutters, locking the door again. "I'm going to do the same, except mine will be spiked."
Vanessa • 8 mins

Parees gives a weak smile. "Get some rest, don't forget we're meeting your new partner tomorrow!" She picks up her bag and walks to the private elevator.
8 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
"Yep," he sighs, returning to the couch only to set the card down on the coffee table. "I'll be there. Or you'll see it on the news: tiefling strangled in bath by mutant card..."
Vanessa • 6 mins

She gives a shaky laugh as the doors open. Giving you a polite nod. "Good night Morthos!" She calls as the doors slide shut.
5 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
"Good night," he mutters, knowing she can't hear him anymore
(yaaaaay it was so cute!!)
Vanessa • 5 mins

((I'm happy you liked it ;-;!!! I know it's very different))
5 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
(trust me, after yesterday's 9 hrs, this was short lmao)
(I LIKE!! I need Dee's idol expertise here though lmao)
Vanessa • 4 mins

((also! you (and the rest of the group who has not made their debut yet in the rp) leveled up!))
4 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
(yaaaaass omg)
Vanessa • 4 mins

((i'm so happy, I have a lot to learn but I think this is gonna be a lot of fun!!! thank you so much Vanessa!!!!!!!!))
3 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
(no problem!! 😀 I hope you enjoyed DMing!!)
Vanessa • 3 mins

3 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk
(it's likely different with a bigger group of course haha)
(more people to juggle)
Vanessa • 2 mins

((yeah! it'll be really interesting))
((Okay I'm gonna export the chat and upload it to the gdrive for everyone! go forth and levelup!!!!))
2 mins

Vanessa Stefaniuk

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