HINAHINA GRAY is an illustrator, sequential artist, and printmaker/painter whose practice is based in Honolulu, Hawai’i.

As an activist queer Native Hawaiian her work is informed by her identity and a love for imaginative storytelling.

She is a co-founder of Helumoa – a nonprofit workshop based artist collective, and the Item Six Comics Club.


AID ANOTHER ZINE – D&D Charity Zine benefiting The White Helmets

Sequential Art Contributor

The Honolulu Printmaker’s 2017 Print & Book Fair

Featured Vendor

Nov 24-25 2017 – Honolulu Museum of Art School

 “A Universe of Islands” – HELUMOA

Workshop Architect, Participant, Curator

January 13th 2018 – Hawai’i State Art Museum

August 20th 2018 – Honolulu Museum of Art Family Sunday

July 23rd 2017 – Aupuni Place

Workshop and corresponding pop-up show until the 31st.

feat. Marysol A. Damo, Eric Cyganik Morgan, Vanessa Stefaniuk, Julie Dillon, Elizabeth Zabethy, & Hinahina Gray.

April 8th 2017 – Honolulu Museum of Art School CONTACT 3017

A mini-zine and relief printmaking workshop encouraging participants to rethink borders and nationalities in a thousand years.



March 19th 2017 – The Fireproof Gallery

feat. Tommy Hite, Sheanae Tam, Kainoa Gruspe, Kiara Womack, Will Fredette, Mark Yoshizumi, Michelle Conley-Harada, & Zoë Wilder

The Honolulu Printmaker’s IMPRESSIONS16 Print & Book Fair


Nov 25-27 2016 – Honolulu Museum of Art School

The Fireproof Gallery Open Studio


November 4 2016 – UHManoa

The Fireproof Gallery Open Studio


April 15 2015 – UHManoa